The Bacon Legal

This blog will be about my observations and thoughts on working as a trainee solicitor. It is not a source of legal advice. If you require legal advice please contact me and I may be able to assist you.

I began my legal career working closely with colleagues dealing with possession proceedings and homelessness applications and appeals, and a significant portion of my time was spent on cases funded by the Legal Aid Agency. This is a particular area of interest of mine.

I am currently studying for the Legal Aid Police Station Representative qualification, and criminal law is also an area of particular interest to me.

There will also be posts on a handful of other areas of law as well – ones that I come across as part of my training contract, and others still that I study purely out of personal interest. Beyond Legal Aid housing, I have done seats in general civil litigation and the private client work of wills, inheritance tax and trusts. I am on course to complete my Legum Magister (LLM) degree in the summer of 2021, and to qualify as a solicitor shortly thereafter. In “Other Law” you may find smatterings of constitutional law, agricultural law, and military law.

I aim for this blog to be of interest to fellow practitioners as well as others who are new to this field of work, and I would like it also to be of use to people who are not lawyers but have an interest in the topics I discuss.

Daniel Bacon, London, April 2020